Product Name:E70T-1

Onboard Time:2013-9-20 21:29:57


terms welding, low-alloy steel and 490Mpa grade high strength steel, typically used for shipbuilding, marine structures, steel structures, bridges, chemical welding equipment, etc.


GB / T: E500T-1
AWS: E70T-1


Package Package Silk panel Net weight
Φ1.0~1.6(mm) D100mm D200mm D270mm D300mm K300mm 1 kg, 5 kg, 15 kg, 18 kg, 20 kg
Chemical Wire Element(%) C Mn Si P S  
≤0.10 ≤1.75 ≤0.75 ≤0.03 ≤0.03


Deposited metal 

Mechanical properties

Yield strengthσ0.2(Mpa) Tensile strengthσb(Mpa) Elongationδ5(%) AKV Impact Energy(J)
≥400 ≥480 ≥22



Wire diameter(mm)   φ1.2 φ1.4 φ1.6 Welding position
Welding current(AMP.)   120~300 160~400 190~450

1 wire into the plant must be stored in a dry environment, not just open the diskwaterproof wire welding package2 should be removed before welding surface of the oil,rust, moisture and other impurities
3. The use of CO2 gas, CO2 gas purity of 99.98%.
4 CO2 protection welding gas flow should be controlled in 20-25L/min.
5 out of wire length should be controlled at 15-25mm range.
6 to be preheated before welding to 150-300 ℃, after welding to be tempered by 700-740 ℃.


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