Product Name:ER309/ER309L/ER309LSi

Onboard Time:2013-9-20 21:24:28


ER309/ER309L: Used for dissimilar metal welding, such as mild steel and Cr-Mo steel used for welding, welding SUS309S, SCS17, such as, heat, corrosive, and arc stability, excellent welding performance, Ar +0.5-2% O2 gas shielded welding; similar to components used in welding of forgings and castings; used to connect 304 profiles with steel; 304 for the welding of complex composite layers of steel for carbon steel shell-side and in the lining of welded stainless steel sheet.
ER309LSi: Primarily used for welding of high silicon, low carbon, 22Cr~12Ni steels.
Conform with
AWS:ER309   YB/T:H1Cr24Ni13     JIS:Y309
AWS:ER309L        YB/T:H00Cr24Ni13    JIS:Y309L


Wire Type Wire Size Spool Size Net Weight
MIG Wire φ0.8~1.6(mm) D100mm  D200mm  D300mm  D270mm 1kg 5kg 15kg 20kg
TIG Wire φ1.6~5.0(mm) 1 meter 5kg 10kg


Type Mechanical Properties or Deposited Metal chemical composition of welding wire(%)
Tensile strengthσb(Mpa) Elongationδ5(%) C si Mn Cr Ni Mo -
ER309 607 40 0.083 0.42 1.63 23.83 13.13 - -
ER309L 588 43 0.023 0.39 1.98 23.88 12.90 - -
ER309LSi 557 32 0.022 0.87 1.55 24.10 13.00 - -


Please be noted Welding position
Wire shall be stocked in the packs just when welding to avoid the wire rust.

Before welding please clean out the oil,rust,water etc from the work parts
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