Welding accident safety precautions

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Fire and explosion welding process are many reasons.

One is welded to the surrounding splashing sparks of red hot molten metal and slag particles to the vicinity of inflammable and explosive materials ignite and cause fires and explosions;

Welding machine cord is long-term drag on the ground, resulting in damage to the insulation breakdown of the short circuit caused the fire;

Welding ground chaos then take the chaos caused by fire;

Fourth, the welding machine itself and the power cord insulation is damaged, causing a short circuit heat and fire; five is not cleaning replacement welding welding repair dressed container of inflammable and explosive materials, containers, heat and explosion. In addition, in the warehouses storing inflammable and explosive welding, failed to take feasible precautions, can also lead to the explosion.

Therefore, the welding operation should be strengthened in the following preventive measures:

Welding operations, the place near 5M or less shall not be placed inflammable and explosive materials shall be located above the oxygen cylinders and acetylene bottle 10M; altitude welding, you should clear the bottom of the inflammable and explosive materials, to prevent hot spatter and heat The electrode head fall into which caused the fire and explosion.

Welding machine soft line should be avoided on the ground drag, For drag, it must be gently drag, to avoid the cord is cut through the hard barbed objects. Found that the cord insulation damage or aging, should be wrapped or update. The Welder ground non-random access chaotic ride. If the welding machine itself insulation damage should be promptly repaired replacement

When welding the container, the container should first be established whether the costumes, inflammable and explosive materials, if the costumes, too, should be thoroughly cleaned of replacement in order to welding, is strictly prohibited welding with the liquid pressure, gas pressure, and charged the containers and equipment.

Welding operations shall not be room in the storage of inflammable and explosive materials and site, For welding must be inflammable and explosive materials out of difficult to take strict quarantine measures to prevent welding sparks and red hot particles splash caused by the fire and explosion accidents .

Welding operations shall not use wood, wood tiles to do the liner, wood materials, so as not to cause fever burning fire should be used in the iron liner.

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