How to Join KWIC

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With the aim at establishment of cooperative which everyone wants to join in by administration of cooperative of the member firms, by the member firms, for the member firms, KWIC carry on the following business for the member firms and welders. We hope you join in our cooperative and to develop your business.
Full support to foreign welding exhibition processing fee for finding overseas markets and the region diversification of the exhibition business
* Hold Welding Korea (biennial) - International Welding Show
* Do CWI ( AWS Certified Welding Inspector) business - CWI training & managing examination
* Hold Korean Welder's skill Competition every year and pick out the best craftsmen and enterprises and award them
* Communicate new welding information - Welding Technology Journal of Japan and AWS Welding Journal of U.S.A.
* Small and medium enterprises benevolent fund business
* Recommend the government policy funds financing
* Promote business exchange through business agreements with international organization of welding like POCWA, and other foreign organization - AWS(U.S.A), CWS(China), JWES(Japan), DVS(Germany), SWS(Singapore)
* Create the cooperative public relations comprehensive catalogue
* Support to get various kinds of standard certifications like CE, UL, ANSI, JIS, CCC
* Make the KWIC standard in Korea Welding Industry
Members should conform to the Article 2 of Small & Medium-sized Companies Cooperative Law of Korea and should be registered Korean Government and doing following business.

Manufacturing Products of Member Companies
- Welding and Cutting Machineries & Tools
- Welding Filler Metals
- Special Welding Automation Equipment & Systems
- Safety Equipment & Materials for Welding and Cutting Process
- Welded Products
1. Become an KWIC member, please draw up the Membership Application and send us by Fax or Mail with your one copy of business register card
2. Investment Stocks Fund
All Membership Applicants must buy over than 3 stocks of KWIC
KWIC stocks price - 100,000 Korean Won / one stock
3. Initial Joining Fee - 300,000 Korean Won.
4. Monthly Dues
It's depend on your company's Sales Amount of year, Please contact to us.

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